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McConnell Foundation

McGraw-Hill Companies

McLean Contributionship

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Merck Company Foundation

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

Michelson Foundation

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Missouri Foundation for Health

Mitsui USA Foundation

Moody's Foundation

Moran Family Foundation

Morino Institute

Muttart Foundation

Merck-Schering Plough Patient Assistance Program

M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust

M.A.C. AIDS Fund

MacArthur Foundation

Mackinac Island Community Foundation

Macon County Community Foundation

Macy's Foundation

Macy's Foundation

Madison Community Foundation

Madison County Community Foundation

Madison County Community Foundation (NC)

Madrid Community Endowment Fund

Main Street Community Foundation

Maine Community Foundation

Manatee Community Foundation

Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation

Maquoketa Area Community Foundation

Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation

Marcled Foundation

Mardag Foundation

Marguerite Casey Foundation

Marguerite Casey Foundation

Marietta Community Foundation

Marin Community Foundation

Marion Community Foundation

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Marshall Community Foundation

Marshall County Community Foundation

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Mary Black Foundation

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

MasterCard Foundation

Matan B'Seter Foundation

Mathile Family Foundation

Mattel Children's Foundation

Mattoon Area Community Foundation

Maurice Amado Foundation

Max and Helen Guernsey Charitable Foundation

Max Bell Foundation

Maybach Family Foundation

Mazda Foundation (USA)

McCarthy Family Foundation of Peabody

McCook Community Foundation

McCormick Foundation

McCune Foundation

McGregor Fund

McHenry County Community Foundation

McKay Foundation

McKnight Foundation

McPherson County Community Foundation

Meadows Foundation

Meaningful Assets: Citigroup Private Bank Global Philanthropy Partnership

Mecosta County Community Foundation

Medina County Community Fund

Medina County Women's Endowment Fund

Medtronic Foundation

Melbourne Community Foundation

Mellam Family Foundation

Merck Patient Assistance Program,

Merrick Foundation

Merrill Lynch and Co. Foundation

Mertz Gilmore Foundation

MetLife Foundation

MetroWest Community Healthcare Foundation

Meyer Memorial Trust

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

Micron Technology Foundation

Microsoft Philanthropies

Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation

Mid-Shore Community Foundation

Middlesex County Community Foundation

Middletown Community Foundation

Midland Area Community Foundation

Midlands Community Foundation

Migraine Research Foundation

Milbank Memorial Fund

Mills County Endowment Fund

Mind Science Foundation

Minneapolis Foundation

Minnesota Real Estate Foundation

Mississippi County Community Foundation

Mitchell Kapor Foundation

Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for Americas

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation

Moline Foundation

Monmouth County Community Foundation

Monona County Community Partners Foundation

Monroe County Endowment Fund

Monsanto Fund

Montana Community Foundation

Monterey Peninsula Foundation

Montgomery County Community Foundation (IN)

Montgomery County Community Foundation (TX)

Montgomery County Endowment Fund

Montgomery County Foundation

Montgomery County Fund

Moody Foundation

Moore County Community Foundation

Moore Foundation

Morgan Family Foundation

Morris Stulsaft Foundation

Motorola Foundation

Mott Philanthrophic LLC

Mount Airy Community Foundation

Mount Pleasant Community Fund

Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation

Ms. Foundation for Women

Muskingum County Community Foundation

Mutual of Omaha Foundation

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Social Entrepreneurship

Hugh Jackman: Fair Trade Entrepreneur

Renowned actor, Hugh Jackman, talks about how he started becoming a fair trade entrepreneur. Jackman is constantly building up ideas and solutions to help small coffee growers get good prices outside the massive coffee industry. His business,  Laughing Man Worldwide, reinvests 100% of its profits in its partnerships with farmers.

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