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Halle Foundation

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

Harvest Foundation of Piedmont

Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati

Hearst Foundation

Hershey Foundation

Hitachi Foundation

Hoglund Foundation

Home Depot Foundation

Homer Foundation

Horizon Foundation of Howard County

Humana Foundation

Huston Foundation

Hyams Foundation

Hyde and Watson Foundation

H.E. Butt Foundation

H.J. Heinz Company Foundation

Halcyon Hill Foundation

Halifax County Community Foundation

Hall Family Foundation

Hall Family Foundation (MO)

Hallmark Corporate Foundation

Hamilton Community Foundation

Hamilton Community Foundation - Ontario

Hampshire County Community Foundation

Hampshire Foundation

Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Hancock County Foundation

Harden Foundation

Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation

Harnett County Community Foundation

Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation

Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund

Harris Bank Foundation

Harrison County Endowment Fund

Harry Singer Foundation

Hartford Courant Foundation

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Hartley Community Foundation

Hartley Film Foundation

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation

Hattie M. Strong Foundation

Hawaii Community Foundation

Hawarden Community Foundation

Haywood County Community Foundation

HCR Manor Care Foundation

Headwaters Foundation for Justice

Health Professions Education Foundation

HealthCare Foundation for Orange County

Healthcare Georgia Foundation

Heinz Endowments

Helen Bader Foundation

Helen S. Boylan Foundation

Helena Rubinstein Foundation

Helios Education Foundation

Helmsley Charitable Trust

Henderson Community Foundation (NV)

Hendricks County Community Foundation

Henry County Community Foundation

Henry H. Kessler Foundation

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Henry Luce Foundation

Henry Luce Foundation

Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Herbalife Family Foundation

Heritage Fund - the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County

Hewlett Foundation

High Desert Community Foundation

High Point Community Foundation

Highmark Foundation

Hillsboro Community Foundation

Hillsdale County Community Foundation

Himalaya Foundation

Hindu Heritage Endowment

Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valey

HNH Foundation

Hoblitzelle Foundation

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Hoke County Community Foundation

Hollyhock Foundation

HomeBanc Foundation

Homer A. and Mildred S. Scott Foundation

HopeLab Foundation

Horace Hagedorn Foundation

Horizon Foundation for New Jersey

Horizons Foundation

Hot Springs Area Community Foundation

Houston Endowment

Howard County Community Foundation

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Hudson Community Foundation

Hugh J. Andersen Foundation

Human Resources Development Foundation

Humbodlt County Community Foundation

Humboldt Area Foundation

Hunt Alternatives Fund

Huron County Community Foundation

Hutchinson Community Foundation

Hutton Foundation

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Social Entrepreneurship

Hugh Jackman: Fair Trade Entrepreneur

Renowned actor, Hugh Jackman, talks about how he started becoming a fair trade entrepreneur. Jackman is constantly building up ideas and solutions to help small coffee growers get good prices outside the massive coffee industry. His business,  Laughing Man Worldwide, reinvests 100% of its profits in its partnerships with farmers.

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