Tambourine Announces the Als Breakthrough Res


There's no known cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, or any known way to prevent its onset, yet "there is no known cure for ALS, nor do we know how to prevent its onset," writes Cara Altimus at EurekAlert.

That's why a group of "philanthropists" has set up the ALS Breakthrough Research Fund to fund "high-risk, high-reward ideas that might not otherwise fit existing grant programs but hold the potential to generate breakthrough insights," says Divya Silbermann Tambourine, one of the fund's co-chairs, in a press release.

Tambourine and her husband, Ben Silbermann, are the co-founders of the Tambourine Foundation and the Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy, and the ALS Breakthrough Research Fund is seeking proposals from around the world through June 23, per a request for proposals posted on the fund's website.

"We couldn't be more honored and hopeful in our pursuit to fund research that could unlock the next big breakthrough in ALS," Silbermann says.

A recent report from the Milken Institute and Tambourine notes that ALS is a "highly heterogeneous disease" and that "the mechanisms that govern its disease onset and progression in most people are either unknown or

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