Alison Wonderland'S New Alter-Ego Whyte Fang Offers Creative Freedom


"There are literally 100,000 new songs being uploaded to Spotify every day that could easily be contenders for a Top 40 chart position if they could only filter through the noise."

That's what Alex Sholler, better known as Whyte Fang, had to say in an interview with Australia's 9News about the state of the music industry in her home country.

"I think there's just so much noise, and people expecting you to content create, and pressure which isn't just being an artist anymore, or a musician," she says.

"Seeing so many talented producers struggling to find space in the current market made Sholler want to help in whatever way she could....

I wanted to use my platform to at least raise more awareness to these artists; even if it's just one single or whateveranything I can do to just help, and not put pressure on them to create content or anything like that, and just put stuff out, because that's all I want to do."

That's exactly what she's done, releasing her debut album, GENESIS, under her own FMU Records label.

"I've never not felt in control of my music," she says.

"I only put out music that I'm

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