Marcie Morrison Still Blazing Trails, Now as Aviation Entrepreneur

credit: USACE on Flickr

When she was a high school student, Marcie Morrison was among the first female students to take part in Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's summer program.

Now, 20 years later, she's one of the first female graduates of the school's mechanical engineering program to go on to become an entrepreneur, the Indianapolis Star reports.

"I was looking for a college that was culturally different (than Hawaii) and would offer me a personal challenge," Morrison tells the Star.

"There was a unique sense of camaraderie on campus that really spoke to me."

After working as engineers with Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis, Morrison founded Streamline Designs in 2002 with her husband, Adam, a 2000 Rose-Hulman graduate who went on to become CEO.

Their company designs, builds, and tests unmanned aircraft, including unmanned drones.

They're currently working with the University of Notre Dame on six-propeller, hexagon-shaped drones that could be used for law enforcement, search-and-rescue, and other applications.

"The pace of unmanned (drones) and light sport aircraft is revolutionary and [Streamline Designs] is right on the horizon of that exciting space," Morrison says.

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